What is Presence?
Why Presence?
How does it work?


Presence is a unique not for profit European  online facilitation  platform, which enables small and medium sized NGO’s and small local authorities  to find suitable consultancy services related to work required to EU projects.

The Presence online platform provides access to a growing number of associates across the EU who have become Presence Associates. The Associates are all individuals or small enterprises which have a track record in working with EU projects.

Our associates have all a strong commitment to supporting small and medium sized NGO’s to get access to EU programmes and as such they have all committed to contribute to the development of a Social Investment Fund which will be developed in order to create a sustainable source of co-financing to support innovative projects. This Social Investment Fund will be created by Associates donating a percentage of the fee generated through any work that they secure through the Presence platform.





Presence has a Board which is responsible for the overall development of the organisation. Presence has a website which provides details of the organisation and contains profiles of all associates.

The process is very simple. Organisations wishing to seek a service need to complete the OFFERS template that is here.

Once the OFFERS template has been completed it has to be sent by email to : info@presence-eu.org

The OFFER template will be placed on the Presence website within 5 working days of receipt.  All the Presence associates will receive an automatically generated message when an offer is placed on the website.

Associates who are interested in undertaking the work will complete a standard response template and this will be sent to the email address indicated in the OFFER template by the deadline stated.

Once the organisation making the OFFER has selected one of the responses received, they notify the associate and Presence.

Presence will then undertake a contract between the organisation seeking the service and itself for the agreed fee and tasks. The fee will be paid once the associate has completed the agreed work.